To keep our customers safe,
All of the employees at Let's Bag It have took steps to ensure that the spread of covid 19 will not be transmitted in our store or when sending our orders. 
Measures we have taken & will continue to take: 
1. All employees continually disinfect & clean the store including the merchandise as well as their surfaces. 
2. Packages that we send out to customers will have the products disinfected with wipes, as well as the box sprayed down with lysol disinfectant spray.
3. Employees must wash their hands thoroughly throughout the entire day.
4. Our employees have to wear a face mask at all times while handling inventory as well as sending it out. 
5. All customers that come into the physical store must wear a face mask & we are limiting the amount of customers that come in at a given time. 
6. We have provided disinfecting stations with 60% alcohol for customers to disinfect regularly. 
Stay safe!