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French Vanilla Spa Bath Gift Set in Natural Wood Curio With Refreshing Skin Care Products

$39.99 USD

Made with Love Contains Shea Butter & Vitamin E Enriched:

  • Refreshing shower gel: get set for the day with a tropical blast of sunshine lathering up on your skin

  • Bubbly bubble bath: make like a kid and splash the bubbles as you breathe in the wonderfully fruity aroma as each bubble pops

  • Boosting Body Spray: refresh yourself throughout the day with a quick spritz of mango and pear and smell divine at all times

  • Creamy Body Lotion: nourish and soften your skin with this buttery-rich, creamy mango and pear scented delight

  • Invigorating Bath Salts: relax and rejuvenate as these bath salts penetrate your skin, nourishing it

  • Ribbon & tag


Wood Curio: The Curio French Vanilla Spa Gift Set is elegantly presented in a mini four compartment cabinet complete with a shelf and pull out drawer. Will spruce up any powder room or bathroom.

Color: Natural Wood

❤ About this Fragrance 

A touch of a rich, complex culture long gone, the genius of the Aztec’s bequeathed to French Royalty through the Conquistadors. Rich and complex, pure, spicy and delicate bouquet that delights the senses and showers the day with endless cheer.   

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