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Heart College Hoodie

$65.00 USD

Size Chart According to Manufacturer:
Small - 34-36 in. Chest
Medium - 38-40 in. Chest
Large - 42-44 in. Chest
XL - 46-48 in. Chest

School Name or Slogan can be used on the front/down the leg, or you can choose to only have the heart on the back.
The heart will have the school name cannot substitute for school chant/slogan.

Design Color Options - Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Silver Glitter, Gold

DYE: Tie Dye/Bleach patterns can slightly vary in tone and pattern. The same colors are consistently used however batches vary ever so slightly. If you plan to order the top and bottom place your order together so the items match exactly.

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