yay novelty

Luggage Tag

$4.00 USD

Travel in style with our secure luggage tag.

Show off your personality while on-the-go with our YaYtag. This design features a dog with a surfboard in a tropical.


  • Durable luggage tag - a fun and colorful ID tag for luggage, backpacks, pet cages, team bags, etc.
  • Personal information is hidden for privacy, only name shown.
  • User-friendly and long-lasting bungee cord.
  • Corrosion resistant rivet.
  • 100% waterproof with the use of permanent marker.
  • Same material and dimension as a credit card.
  • 20% of its profit go to help the Cambodian genocide survivors.
  • Video of YaYtag features and how to use YaYtag is available on YouTube.

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