Myles Gray

Sleep | Essential Oil Spray

$59.95 USD

Lavender | Chamomile | Amethyst

Sleep will do exactly what it states, help you get a more restful nights sleep. Lavender Essential Oil and Chamomile Essential Oil work together to bring a calming energy to your space. Lavender dispels stress and anxiety by soothing the senses and offering a calming fragrance. Chamomile soothes tensions and promotes a deeper sleep. Amethyst crystals work to bring in a calming, serene energy and dispel fears and anxiety.

This spray can be use to alleviate headaches and can help alleviate period pain when sprayed directly onto skin. 


  • Shake well before use
  • Spray a fine mist on linen and pillows
  • You can also spray the air
  • Complete the meditation on this packaging and enjoy a restful night sleep

    The nitty gritty:

    • 200ml 
    • No Nasties
    • Vegan
    • Not Tested on Animals
    • Alcohol Free
    • Proudly Hand Made in Melbourne
    • Infused with The Worlds Best Crystals
    • Meditation will provide stronger energy
    • child and pet friendly 

    Where to put me:

    This spray is perfect for the bedroom, if you suffer from restless sleep or nightmares it will assist.

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