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Classic Aesthetic

Introducing our Classic Aesthetic collection that combines timeless appeal with superior craftsmanship. Elevate your style with our range of classic bags designed to make a lasting impression. Crafted from the finest materials, these elegant accessories exude an air of sophistication and refinement. Embrace the charm of classic design and add a touch of luxury to your everyday look with our Classic Aesthetic collection.

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Sabrina Woven Hobo
Urban Expressions
Sabrina Woven Hobo Prix de vente$100.00 USD
Sutton Quilted Crossbody
Sutton Quilted Crossbody Prix de vente$45.00 USD
Katina Hobo
Urban Expressions
Katina Hobo Prix de vente$90.00 USD
En ruptureHaven Crossbody
Urban Expressions
Haven Crossbody Prix de vente$80.00 USD
Lola Quilted Shoulder Bag
Lola Quilted Shoulder Bag Prix de vente$475.00 USD
Jagger Satchel
Jagger Satchel Prix de vente$565.00 USD
Bisou Clutch
Bisou Clutch Prix de vente$300.00 USD
Lola Maxi Shoulder Bag
Lola Maxi Shoulder Bag Prix de vente$550.00 USD
Filomena Stripe Straw Tote
Filomena Stripe Straw Tote Prix de vente$33.00 USD
Ali Denim Tote
Ali Denim Tote Prix de vente$106.00 USD
Evie Crossbody Pouch
Dolce Vita
Evie Crossbody Pouch Prix de vente$148.00 USD
Louise Shoulder Bag
Dolce Vita
Louise Shoulder Bag Prix de vente$110.00 USD
Lilah Clutch
Dolce Vita
Lilah Clutch Prix de vente$130.00 USD
Maude Shoulder Bag
Dolce Vita
Maude Shoulder Bag Prix de vente$110.00 USD
Georgia Shoulder Bag
Dolce Vita
Georgia Shoulder Bag Prix de vente$128.00 USD
The Florence Satchel
private label
The Florence Satchel Prix de vente$148.00 USD
Francesca Whipstitch Crossbody
Ida Slouchy Hobo Bag w/ Adjustable Strap
Mayfair Weekender Bag
Katie Loxton
Mayfair Weekender Bag Prix de vente$165.00 USD
Zana Slim Crossbody
Katie Loxton
Zana Slim Crossbody Prix de vente$39.00 USD
Gemma Leather Tote
Gemma Leather Tote Prix de vente$210.00 USD
Quilted Canvas Bag with Long Handles and Back Pocket
Parker Crossbody
Parker Crossbody Prix de vente$295.00 USD
Yelena Crossbody
Urban Expressions
Yelena Crossbody Prix de vente$70.00 USD
Alice Crossbody
Urban Expressions
Alice Crossbody Prix de vente$65.00 USD
Nadia Crossbody
Urban Expressions
Nadia Crossbody Prix de vente$80.00 USD
Nanci Crossbody
Urban Expressions
Nanci Crossbody Prix de vente$65.00 USD
Anderson Crossbody
Urban Expressions
Anderson Crossbody Prix de vente$80.00 USD
Way Out Shoulder Bag
Aimee Kestenberg
Way Out Shoulder Bag Prix de vente$198.00 USD
Oasis Shoulder Bag
Aimee Kestenberg
Oasis Shoulder Bag Prix de vente$258.00 USD
Cooper Crossbody
Aimee Kestenberg
Cooper Crossbody Prix de vente$228.00 USD
Small Quilted Nylon Crossbody
Oryany Selena Bucket Bag
Oryany Selena Bucket Bag Prix de vente$318.00 USD
Lorrie Clutch
Daniella Lehavi
Lorrie Clutch Prix de vente$149.00 USD
Bali Mini Bag
Daniella Lehavi
Bali Mini Bag Prix de vente$329.00 USD
Tokyo Glasses Case
Daniella Lehavi
Tokyo Glasses Case Prix de vente$45.00 USD
Tokyo Phone Pocket
Daniella Lehavi
Tokyo Phone Pocket Prix de vente$59.00 USD
En ruptureBonnie Crossbody Bag
Daniella Lehavi
Bonnie Crossbody Bag Prix de vente$225.00 USD
Sahara Large Wallet
Daniella Lehavi
Sahara Large Wallet Prix de vente$165.00 USD
Spark Go Double Eyeglass Case hi
Spark Go Double Eyeglass Case hi Prix de vente$68.00 USD
Sable Wristlet
Sable Wristlet Prix de vente$128.00 USD
Robin Compact Wallet
Robin Compact Wallet Prix de venteA partir de $128.00 USD
Serena Convertible Crossbody
Road Trip Satchel
Aimee Kestenberg
Road Trip Satchel Prix de vente$248.00 USD
Maven Quilted Convertible Satchel
Tokyo Clutch
Daniella Lehavi
Tokyo Clutch Prix de vente$169.00 USD
Alexa Mini
Daniella Lehavi
Alexa Mini Prix de vente$329.00 USD
Gracie Crossbody
Urban Expressions
Gracie Crossbody Prix de vente$65.00 USD
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